Hot Asian bitch spanks her man

Posted July 30, 2014 By Spankings Over The Knee

otk spanking11 Hot Asian bitch spanks her man

Nasty spanking at its finest: this gorgeous fetish bitch with perfect titties and long brown hair knows how to humiliate her guy. These two are way beyond OTK spanking and soon she’s got him trussed and gagged for her favourite hobby of spanking butts. This one is going to make all your spanking fantasies come true when she flips this helpless guy onto his back and sits on his face. This site’s got everything inside: OTK spanking, femdom spanking videos and more, all in high quality.



Painful Spankings Over The Knee

Posted July 23, 2014 By Spankings Over The Knee

otk spanking1 Painful Spankings Over The Knee

I am very honored to present you a totally crazy collection of painful spankings over the knee. Just like you I surfed the web for days and weeks in search of the perfect ass beating scenes and I couldn’t get my satisfaction. Well, today I have found what I was searching. This totally awesome website is offering us all that we want and more. You’ll find otk spankings, ass whipping, butt caning, tit slapping… You name it, it’s there. It’s utterly complete and it’s a fucking steal. Try it out for just $ 1,-!

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She Wasn’t Ready For Her OTK Spanking

Posted July 16, 2014 By Spankings Over The Knee

otk spanking2 She Wasnt Ready For Her OTK Spanking

You are witnessing a chick that obviously wasn’t expecting an ass slapping at that moment. Her man had enough of her whining and he decided to teach his slut some discipline. Therefore he grabbed her by the jeans, pulled her in and started giving her a decent otk spanking. Despite all the crying and squirming, he wasn’t planning on letting her go. Au contraire: it pissed him off even more. So that bitch better shut up and let it go. Next time obey your man and you won’t get a red ass. You get what you deserve.

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Deep Red Butt Cheeks

Posted July 9, 2014 By Spankings Over The Knee

otk spanking3 Deep Red Butt Cheeks

Mark is well known for his butt slapping talent. Many of his girlfriends knew what was coming when they didn’t obey him. This guy brings otk spankings to a whole new level, that’s a fact. Just look at those deeply red colored butt cheeks and you know this ain’t a joke. Mark demands discipline and if he isn’t going to get it voluntarily he will use brute force. A red butt means he was in a good mood, a blue means you didn’t behave very well and he went all mental on your ass. Watch him get nasty on tons of babes after the click.

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Bent Over Slut Gets A Good Ass Whopping

Posted July 2, 2014 By Spankings Over The Knee

otk spanking10 Bent Over Slut Gets A Good Ass Whopping

Kelly got home that day with a brand new tattoo on her back. She didn’t dare telling her father, because he wouldn’t really appreciate that form of body art. He did notice it, though, when her shirt crawled up when she got out of the sofa to get a drink. Her dad immediately unleashed his devils and demanded her to go wash it off. When it became clear to him it wasn’t one of those stick on things it got even worse. He put he over his leg and started slapping until his hand was hurting so much he couldn’t anymore. And then he switched hands. Make sure you check it out after the click, it’s one of the most painful ass whopping videos I’ve ever seen.

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Pretty Hooker Gets An Over The Knee Spanking

Posted June 25, 2014 By Spankings Over The Knee

otk spanking4 Pretty Hooker Gets An Over The Knee Spanking

John is a lot on the road for his job. Correction: that should be “in the air”, since he’s a pilot. He flies to all corners of the world, so he sees a lot of the world’s finest women. He loves to watch and get dirty with them, but not like most guys would do. No, John loves spanking and in particular over the knee spanking. He often visits pretty whores and pays them to receive a hard butt slapping. Sometimes he takes in his camera and films the session. He never asks to fuck or get his dick sucked. Inflicting the pain is all he needs.

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